Renewal of Philipino passport

Your Philipino domestic helper has to renew her passport?

Allow 6 weeks before you can collect the new passport

The whole procedure is explained on the website of the Embassy.

But let me give you a quick overview:

Step 1: prepare the required documents

  1. Fill in this form
  2. A copy of the Work Permit (WP)
  3. A copy of the present passport
  4. A copy of the authenticated contract of the Philipine Embassy (you don’t know what the authenticated contract is? Another post soon about it…meanwhile, read here)

Step 2: make an appointment with the consular section of the Embassy

  1. send an email to
  2. attach a copy of the 4 documents prepared in step 1
  3. allow 3 working days before you get a reply: “the E-passport appointment slip”

Step 3: follow instructions on E-passport appointment slip

  1. Go to the Embassy with the original documents (Form + WP + passport + authenticated contract) + Appointment slip;
  2. Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment;
  3. No picture is required: photo is taken during appointment with a proper attire (collared shirt, blouse or jacket, no jewelry, no heavy make-up)
  4. Bring 102 SGD in cash for the payment of the passport fee;

Step 4: collect the new passport

  1. You receive at home the passport collection slip with a collection date;
  2. Respect the date and time indicated for collection;
  3. No collection of passport on Sundays;

GOOD TO KNOW: the passport is the sole property of the issuing country. Hence the cost of the passport(102 SGD)  has to born by the domestic helper (exactly as she paid for it herself  in the Philippines before she first came to Singapore). During the renewal process, there may be other consular extra costs some of which have to be born by the employer because they are imposed by the Embassy and have no relation to the Philipino citizenship: it is the Philipino security bond  (approximately 70 SGD for direct processing) and the authentication and verification of the standard philipino contract (respectively 42,50 and 20 SGD). The membership to OWWA (a kind of social protection for Philipino oversea workers) is another extra cost that should be born by the helper (45 SGD).

However, everything is negociable and nothing is carved in stone…Just inform your helper upon hiring which costs she should bear ; maybe she’d like you to save for her, discuss this point long enough in advance and never take her by surprise with money matters…saving is barely a strength of Philipino domestic helpers…

Hope this helps!

Please let me know!

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