Do you think that cooking French cuisine is difficult?

if yes, let me try to change your mind…

I teach simple French recipes to domestic helpers in Singapore and I’m impressed to see how good these ladies are at cooking!

Actually they all have something in common: they love eating! So the only secret for being successfull with French cooking is…you have to love food! You have to enjoy spending time around a garnished table. You have to appreciate how much efforts and passion the cook put into the presentation of its plates and dishes. You have to be able to use all your 5 senses while eating…

Let me today put your imagination at work: here are 3 very French dishes made by my students a few days ago: the topic was “French tarts”. A tart in French cuisine is a dish made with a thin crust flatten in a mould and then garnished before baking.

the menu of the day was:

Thin tomato tart with smoked ham and French mustard, topped with basil leaves and parmesan cheese

Salmon and spinach tart

Tatin tart (a French style apple tart) served with a homemade whipped cream

Have a look and enjoy!



About helpagency

French expatriate in Singapore since 2005, dealing with FDWs issues since 2008, offering training for FDWs (Children Health Urgent Care course)
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