Today’s class: Southern France cuisine

The south-eastern part of France has a rather warm weather (though Singaporeans would may be find it chilly at night!), a dry weather , with a very quiet atmosphere where the only sound you can here is the song of cicadas: no wind, no rain, no stream running through rocks, mainly vineyards and quiet villages.

In summer time, when afternoons are so hot, you don’t feel llike eating a lot: forget the buttery and creamy recipes from the northern part of France: you need some refreshing food, that has the fragrances of this peaceful environment: thyme, lavander, rosemary, oregano, marjoram, garlic, olives and bunches of fresh fruits.

Combine them all together and you get these 3 very tasty recipes:

Vegetable terrine with a fresh homemade tomato sauce (starter)

Cognac & Winbe marinated beef with black olives (main course)

Icy peach soup with almond teacakes (dessert)

Wine marinated beef with black olives

Icy peach soupe with almond teacakes


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