Test & taste: my dress rehearsal before class!

I had a great week end with lots of food testing and tasting that I’d like to share with you…

Yes, I like eating, Yes, I like cooking, Yes I like teaching but this doesn’t make me a good cook neither a good teacher: I neeRaspberry souffle on a bed of almond milkd to rehearse all my recipes before my classes. All my ingredients are checked; they should be easy to find, of  a good quality and at a reasonnable price. My recipes are tested: the quantites have to be exactly what is required, not more, not less, there should be no complicated technique because I want all my students to be successfull once they practice alone at home, and most of all, the taste has to be not only good but excellent, delicate, exquisite, tasteful!

So this week end, for my August classes, I decided to rehearse a few recipes: I started with a classic sweet and sour prawns, not bad but too much celery to my taste, needs to be reduced, then Sunday lunch was a tuna filet marinated with miso and sake, very good but I need to adjust the cooking time and the heat to make it perfection, and Sunday evening, my 11 guests enjoyed a cold soup of green asparagus with Kampott black pepper, truffle salt and a quenelle of homemade smoked salmon (ah!!! this was indedd the best treat of the week end! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture…next time!), a caramelized pork filet seasoned with Sishuan pepper seeds and served with slices of pumpkin breaded with the same Sishuan seeds (So delicious and subtil…I still have the delicate and fragant taste of the Sishuan pepper in my mind, a must try!) and my desserts for the week end were a raspberry souffle on an almond milk (souffle was great, smooth and so tasty thanks to the frCaramelized pork filet with Sishuan seedsesh raspberries that I brought back from my favorite French market in Paris! But the almond milk was too thick, I need to correct that next time) and a French baba soaked with dark rhum flavored with kaffir rind and served with a homemade rhum and vanilla ice cream and dices of pineapple cooked in a light syrup (the only problem here were the quantites: not enough! Everything was so good that my guests asked for some more!).

Now is time to write down my recipes and have them ready for my classes in August and September.

I took a few pictures: can you recognize what is on the pictures based on my description above? I hope this makes you mouthwatering!

Tastefully yours!


About helpagency

French expatriate in Singapore since 2005, dealing with FDWs issues since 2008, offering training for FDWs (Children Health Urgent Care course)
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