Dear Helpers and dear Employers,

TWC2 has published here a very important message. The title is: “Be sympathetic to your workers needs”. In a nutshell, it says:

> Please, dear employer, let your helper call NOW to check if her family has survived. Don’t hold her mobile phone. How would you feel if you didn’t know whether your beloved ones are dead or not?

> Please, dear employer, accept to give a salary advance to your helper. It may help to give a decent burial. Wouldn’t you like to give proper burial to your beloved family members?

> Please, dear employer, accept the request of your helper to temporarily go back home to support her family in this calamity situation. How would you feel if you couldn’t attend your beloved ones’ burial?

> Please, dear employer, let your helper go out, chat with people from the same home area as her or with other victims. How would you feel if you had to be abroad, isolated from all your fellow nationals during a country tragedy?

> Please, dear employer, have an understanding attitude towards your helper if her performance at work is weakening. It won’t last but it has to be so for a while. Do accept it.

> Please, dear employer, be human, show the best of what a human being can give to others. You’ll get back so much in return! At least, try. At least, spread this message.

About helpagency

French expatriate in Singapore since 2005, dealing with FDWs issues since 2008, offering training for FDWs (Children Health Urgent Care course)
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