Direct hire of a Philipino helper: process and costs

I found this blog “Just sharing” where a Singapore PR gives all details of the process and costs involved with a direct hire of a Philipino helper very helpful.


There are more than 300 comments but read through as some comments give updates on fees.

Do note that according to Philipino law on overseas work (which is controled by “POEA”), the full cost of direct hire should be born by the employer: NO SALARY DEDUCTION is allowed.

On the Singapore side, the salary deduction is capped at 1 month salary per year of contract which means that 2 months salary can be deducted when a 2 year contract is signed (most cases). However, do note that this deduction covers the costs involved on the Singapore side only: again, all fees involved on the Philipino side have to be paid by the employer.

The cost for the employer starts at around 1300 SGD and can go up to 3000 SGD (for the Philipino paperwork + 1 way ticket to Singapore) + cost of Singapore paperwork.

  • if Singapore paperwork is done directly by employer, add another 300 SGD
  • if Singapore paperwork is done by an agency, add another 900 SGD

So do compare the prices of agencies and negotiate!

About helpagency

French expatriate in Singapore since 2005, dealing with FDWs issues since 2008, offering training for FDWs (Children Health Urgent Care course)
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