Processing Philipino contract at the Embassy of the Philippines

Any Philipino helper working in Singapore must be registered with her embassy. Going to the embassy requires to make an appointment online for many document processing but not always! There is 1 situation where  no appointment is needed. How to make the distinction?  Here are the explanations and details.

Registering with the Embassy means: “getting an authenticated Philipino contract”.

This registration allows the helper to get protection and assistance from her consular authorities. But that is not all. It also allows her to apply for a new passport when it has expired, to purchase an exit certificate when she goes back to the Philippines on home leave and to process any official documentation (notarial, legal, etc).

This registration may be done through 2 different channels:

> For those helpers who have been with their employer for less than 2 years, processing MUST be done through an agency accredited wih the Embassy. See the list here.

> For those helpers who have been for more than 2 years with their employer, processing MAY be done directly by the helper and her employer.

To obtain an authenticated  contract (see the list of documents at the bottom of this page), the helper can come to the embassy WITHOUT an appointment: she must go to the reception area to request a queue number and then wait for her number to be called at window 1. This is the only situation where NO APPOINTMENT is needed.

ATTENTION: for those helpers going back on home leave and who already have their authenticated contract, they must purchase an OEC (overseas exit certificate) . This can be done through the following channels:

  1. At the Embassy in Singapore, WITH AN APPOINTMENT made online here. No walk-in is allowed to purchase an OEC.
  2. In the Philippines, at any POEA office. For those going to major cities, they need to secure an appointment: click here to book this POEA appointment. For those going to provinces, they can walk in at any POEA regional office without an appointment.

Please note that purchasing an OEC in Singapore or in the Philippines requires that the helper presents her valid WP together with the authenticated contract.

For those helpers who are in this situation:

  • more than 2 year with their present employer;
  • AND no authenticated contract yet;
  • AND they need to purchase OEC for their homeleave,
  • then they MUST make an appointment online; click here.

Documents required to process the authentication of the contract (direct processing):

  • 2 original copies of duly completed Philipino contract signed by the employer; click here to download the contract.
  • 2 original copies of undertaking of an employer (last page of Standard contract);
  • Original copy of S$7000 performance bond (from any insurance company offering “maid packages”);
  • Original OWWA membership renewal;
  • Receipt of Pag-Ibig contribution
  • 1 copy of compulsory medical insurance taken for MOM (the one paid with renewal of WP);
  • 1 copy of employer’s ID
  • 2 copies of helper’s work permi

The fees for processing the authentication of standard contract are as follows:

  • Authentication of Contract – $ 42.50
  • Verification of Contract – S$17.00
  • OWWA Membership – S$42.00
  • Overseas Employment Certificate – S$3.00
  • Pag-IBIG Monthly Contribution – S$5.50
  • Total – $110.00

The S$ 7000 performance bond costs approximately 70 SGD.

What must be paid by employer and what must be paid by helper?

> Employer must pay:

  • the performance bond;
  • the verification of the contract;
  • the authentication of the contract;

> The helper must pay:

  • the OWWA membership;
  • the Pag-Ibig conribution;
  • her OEC;

So now you know how it works!

> if you want to get an authenticated contract: NO APPOINTMENT!

> if you want to purchase an OEC: APPOINTMENT REQUIRED (very long delay)

> if you want to renew a passport: APPOINTMENT REQUIRED (very long delay)

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82 Responses to Processing Philipino contract at the Embassy of the Philippines

  1. Irene Seah Siow Kim says:

    Hi< I would like to make an appointment for Estelita Magallanes Napao for OEC but the link is down so how do I go about doing it.

    • arcel says:

      hi ,iam a helper and want to have an authenticated contract my concern was im confuse can i process it my own without going tru agency?my 2 year contract will end march,

      • helpagency says:

        (sorry for late reply)
        Dear Arcel,
        Actually the athentication process can be processed yourself at the embassy even if you don’t have completed 2 years with your present employer. It’s a walk-in procedure; no appointment is required.
        But if you want to do the passport renewal or if you want to purchase an OEC, then you can proces yourself only in the case that you have more than 2 years with your present employer.
        Do note that for passport renewal as well as for purchase of an OEC, the first step is to do the authenticated contract and then yu should bring this authenticated contract to your appointment.
        It means that prior to coming to an appointment, yuo may process on your own the authentication of the contract.
        Do note that your employer need to sign documents for the authentication.

  2. etolynn2003 says:

    Hi, I want to renew my helper for one year. Can I submit a year contract to the Philippines embassy? Or I have to still do a two years contract with her?

    • helpagency says:

      You have to sign the Philipino contract for 2 years; but there is some good news to this, let me explain.
      Let’s assume that her work permit has been issued on 1st June 2014 and expires on May 31st 2016.
      If you sign the Philipino contrat today, May 15th 2015, then it will be valid until 15th May 2017.
      And after renewal of your helper’s WP in May 2016, the Philipino contract will still be valid even if your helper has a renewed WP.
      This however doesn’t work if your helper is transfered to a new employer; in this case the new employer has to process a new Philipino contract.
      Do also note that you can process the Philipino contract directly yourself at the Embassy without an appointment; only OEC requires an appointment. And this is valid even if your helper has less than 2 years with you; It’s processing and purchasing the OEC that requires at least 2 years with your helper for direct processing.

      Hope this helps you! Let me know!

  3. Germaine says:


    Thanks a lot for the very informative infomations. I have been paying for my maid ■the OWWA membership; ■the Pag-Ibig conribution; ■her OEC; thru a agent which cost me $350 to do it twice.

    This time round I will do it by myself. I have a few questions in mind.

    1) what is the exit permit my agent was talking about? She said I need to pay $50 for that if not my maid will not be allow to come out from Philippines? After I got my home leave document, and before my maid leave (1 or 2 week) , I paid her $50 to process the exit permit.

    • helpagency says:

      Sorry for my excessively late reply.
      However late, my reply may help other people too.
      The “exit permit” mentioned by the agent is actually called “OEC” for Overseas Exit Certificate.
      This document must be presented to the immigration officer in the Philippines when the worker exits the country to go back to his / her country of work. Without the OEC, the worker will be denied boarding the flight what ever the reasons are.
      This OEC costs precisely 3 SGD.

      Hope this helps,

  4. Jo says:

    Hi need some advise. My helper tells me she came without an OWWA and was taught how to escape customs check by the agent in Philippines. Her contract is almost up. Can I renew her per the procedures mentioned in this blog page?

    • helpagency says:

      Yes indeed, many Philipino helpers came here in Singapore a while ago without being registered with OWWA. And this is maybe what your helper did the first time she came heree.
      But things have now changed in the Philippines. Immigration officers in the Philipines have been trained for the past 3 to 4 years now to recogize those girsl who try to clear immigration claiming that they are visitng a relative or going there for some holidays. And many have been denied to board the flight that they were booked on. With so many sad stories, tears, money lost, etc.
      The reason is that the government of the Philippines has now made it compulsory for any Philipino citizen who whishes to work overseas, to go through the services of a registered agency and be registered with OWWA before leaving the country. Without proper documentation, a candidate for overseas work will be denied to exit he country.

      If she wants to go back to the Philippines for some vacation and then come back here with you again, then you hav to follow the “homeleave procedure” at the Embassy of the Philipines; it has been changed to an online procedure a few months ago. See their FAQ page here:

      Hope this helps.

  5. Orange says:

    Hi! What is the difference between authentication and verification of the contract? Can both be done in one trip? What are the documents required for verification?

    • helpagency says:

      Authentication and verification are 2 subsequent steps of the so called “authentication of standard contract” procedue at the Embassy. And each has its own cost and can’t be skipped.
      This “authentication of standard contract” is a compulsory prerequisite for helpers who need to renew their passport or helpers who need to purchase an OEC (paper that will allow her to clear immigration in the Philipines upon her return to Singapore after a trip in the Philipines).

      Hope this helps,

  6. Juliet says:

    Hi Sir,Mdm..
    I need to go back to Philippines urgently,and have no time to process my home leave in Singapore.
    Can i do it in Phil.?
    By the way,i have my old OEC but its already expired just a few months ago.
    Thank you

    • helpagency says:

      You’d better go yourself to the Embassy anyday Monday through friday, preferably in the morning and explain your situation. Make sure that your shoulders are covered, don’t wear shorts and don’t wear flip flops or slippers.
      Also, register online on the Embassy’s website. Even if you get a very late appointment, this appointmenet will help speed up the procedure.

      Once you get your 1st OEC, subsequent OECs within the 2 years validity of your standard authenticated contract can be purchased online. you won’t need anymore to queue up at the Embassy nor make an appointment.
      Hope this helps,

  7. Cecilia says:

    I like to know more about the application for OEC. There is a section which states what is to be paid by employer and what is to be paid by the worker. Since this is the country of origin’s regulation shouldn’t all cost be borne by the worker? This puts the employer at unfair disadvantage because my worker did not inform about the extra cost upfront till I decided to play safe and check online for immigration requirements. I think employers had already played their part purchasing air tickets right to worker’s hometown when mom guidleline only require employer to send them to the capital as well as taking 2wks leave from work etc… It’s unimaginable if the worker is not allowed to return yet I have paid all expenses upfront for her…

    • helpagency says:

      Regarding the OEC, you can purchase one once your helper has an “authenticated standard Filipino contract”.
      The process to get a standard contract authenticated doesn’t require any appointmenet with the Embassy: just walk-in with the required documents.
      Once your helper has got her “authenticated contract”, then she can purchase the OEC: 1st OEC should be purchased either at the Embassy (through an appointment) or directly in a POEA office in the Philipines (but she needs to present to the office: receipt of payment of OWWA, standard contract authenticated, WP and passport) . The subsequent OECs within the 2 years validity of the “authenticated standard contract” can be purchased online without queuing at the Embassy.

      The difficulty here is that many foreign workers are not aware of the regulations and the related costs imposed by their home country .
      Also most agencies “forget” to inform clearly both worker and employer. I personnaly doubt about the “forget”.
      Then both the worker and the employer sit in a very uncomfortable situation for which none of them has taken any reponsibility.
      And considering that the worker has far less economic power than his / her employer, I recommand that costs are largely born by the employer : only the passport itself should be born by the worker, same as if he/ she was in his / her home country and willing to leave for an overseas placement.
      Regarding the OEC itself, it has been put in place by the government of the Philipines in order to protect their overseas workers (10% of the Filipino population) because many of them encountered bad treatment in the country they were going to. And the government of the Philipines can’t make any distinction between countries that are enforcing laws and regulations to contribute to protecting the foreign worker, such as what the law is in Singapore, Europe or Australia for example (though the level of protection isn’t the same in these 3 countries) and other countries were you don’t have such protective laws.
      The OEC is a way for the Filipino government to control the return of their overseas worker to their country of residence and fight against human trafficking which is a major problem in Asia.

      Now if you’re in the case of a helper who clearly was aware of the regulations and decided to keep mum, then it’s another story. That would be indeed very disappointing.

  8. rose says:

    how to process the 7,000 performance bond?

  9. rose says:

    Hi ma’am
    I want to renew my passport. .but some of my requirements are expired like the 7,000 performance bond, and owwa. How to process my expired requirements. . Please help me..

    • helpagency says:

      You need to register with your embassy in Singapore: before you start anything, book an apointment online to renew your passport here: – EVEN if your appointement is in January 2016, don’t panic! There will be a solution for you! And make the appointment anyhow.
      first step is to register online with POEA at : Keep with you for ever your login and password.
      2nd step is to purchase a 7000 SGD performance bond at any insurance company such as NTUC insurance (all of them offer it for same price)
      3rd step is to download the standard Filipino contract from their website here: Ask your employer to sign it. No amendment to this contract is allowed. Don’t change the salary.

      Prepare 2 copies of your WP, 2 copies of your passport, 1 copy of your employer’s ID, 1 copy of MOM’s compulsory medical insurance, original and copy of the 7000 SGD performance bond, your login and password for POEA online and bring all these documents for your appointemnet together with cash to pay for all expenses related to pasport renewal (approximately 110 SGD for authentication of the standard conract + about 100 SGD for the passport itself)

      If your passport expires before the given appointment, read this carefully about passport extension:

      Hope this helps,
      Anne Genetet

  10. Middy says:

    Hi I can just renew my helper’s contract with the embassy first without making an appointment right cos her old contract expires in December? She is going to be with me for another 2 years.her passport is expiring in aug 16 so I will have to make another appointment for that cos I saw that appointment now is all the way in feb 16.

    • helpagency says:

      From you write, I assume that you already have signed and authenticated a standard Filipino contract a while ago maybe at the time when your helper had started wirking with you? .Ii yes, then check the validity of your helpers’ Filipino standard contract; its expiry date remains the same, even if you have to renew her WP with MOM.
      If no, then yes you have to sign and authenticate a standard Filipino contract in order to be able to apply for her passport renewal. The authentication of the Filipino contract can be processed without an appointment any day Monday through friday before 3 PM.

  11. ac says:

    Hi, my maid situation is like this. This morning her mother passed away and I need to book her right away to fly back Philippines. We intend to go back on the 18th and she has gotten her OEC appointment on the 16th, however, due to unavoidable circumstances her mother passed away and she can not wait anymore to process the OEC requirement such as Standard Contract, OWWA membership and etc., added to this NTUC has informed me that it will take 7days to process the $7000 performance bond.

    My questions are;

    1. Can I transact her OEC in the Philippine embassy of Singapore without her?
    2 If no. 1 is not applicable, can she transact her documents in the Phiilppine (POEA) offices in Manila?
    3. What are the things that I need to produce if no. 1 is applicable?

    Kindly advise.

    Thanks and regards,


    • helpagency says:

      In situation like this one, the embassy is quite understanding.
      Just go to the embassy with yojr helper, if she can bring a proof of her mother’s passing away that would ve a great help.
      Most of the time, the embassy gives right away the OEC.
      Also bring along the 7000 sgd security bond that you can purchase by your own anytime through a reputable insurance company (Anda for AXA Insurance will sell it to you very shortly, explain the emergency situation there). Also bring all documents stated on the embassy website.
      You can purchase the OEC in the Philipines only if the helper can provide an authenticated contract. And authenticated contract can’t be processed in the Philippines: it must be processed in the embassy here.
      Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

      • Janice says:

        Hi Help agency,

        “You can purchase the OEC in the Philipines only if the helper can provide an authenticated contract. And authenticated contract can’t be processed in the Philippines: it must be processed in the embassy here.”

        Referring to the above, I have the authenticated contract for the 1st 2 years employment of my maid but now that it has already expired (2 months). I’ve renewed her for another 2 years but I forgot to do a new authenticated contract and forgot that she needs to have OEC for her home leave 2 months before she goes back. She is going back to Philippines on next Tuesday (15/12/15) night and she will only purchase her OEC in Philippines. Would the lacking of a new authenticated contract be a issue that she couldn’t buy an OEC in Philippines when she reached there?

        Secondly, the performance bond that we bought is for the value of SGD5000 and not SGD7000 at time of renewal with MOM. Why is there such a difference and do I need to buy a insurance when she is having her home leave?

        Many thanks and hope to hear.

      • helpagency says:

        Hi Janice,
        Check the date on the present authenticated contract : it’s valid for 2 years, even if you have renewed her WP. SO if the date on this contract is later than december 2013, then no worries, she can present it in the Philippines in any POEA office to purchase a new OEC.
        But please, do note that du eto new rules in the Philippines, she needs alos to present together with her authenticated contract the receipt of payment of OWWA (you did it when you purchased her authenticated contrct 2 years ago).
        She must also register online with POEA: go to the Embassy website, click on “pake an appointment” and follow the instrcutions to register. She will need to upload an ID picture. This registration process will give her an login and password which she must bring with her at the POEA office in the Phils when purchasing her OEC.
        Now, in the case where the autheticated contract is older than December 2013, unfortunatley leaving tomorrow, there’s nothing much that you can do and she will be stick in the Philppines and denied the rigth to fly back to Singapore. You can try your luck at the Embassy explaining the emergency of her situation but pleas,e go with her to increase her chances to be listened.
        Sorry for my late reply but I’m now on leave overseas for the festive season.
        Happy festive season to you and to your helper,

      • helpagency says:

        I forgot to reply to you about the security bond:
        the 5000 security bond is a bond between you and the MOM.
        The 7000 S$ security bond is a bond between the Embassy of the Philippines and you.
        They are 2 different bonds for different purposes.

  12. Wang Lihuan says:

    Hi, hope I can get some advise from you.
    My helper was with me for 4years up to date. I am going to renew her contract for another 2 years. I had already purchased the new insurance and performance bond. Currently waiting for MOM to renew her WP. My question now. Her passport will be expire on 11/10/16. And she will be going bck for her home leave on 20/03/16. Can she still use her current passport to apply home leave? And I already have this Certificate of Authentication that was stamp on 24 June 2014. Is it consider still valid?

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Wang Lihuan,
      For her passport, I understand that she will be travelling in March with a passport that has 7 months validity. So no problem for her to travel with this passport.
      However, due to a very long renewal process in the Embassy of the Philippines, I would strongly recommend that you apply now for renewal : you’ll get an appointement not before June 2016, so just on time to process the renewal witout being late.
      Regarding the authenticated contract, since you processed it in June 2014, so less than 2 years ago,, then it’s still valid: your helper must apply online for an appointment t purcahse her OEC with this authenticated contract. In case where ryou get an appointment after March 20th, don’t worry: she can go any day to the Embassy Monday through Friday before 3 pm (if you go with her, you increase her chances to get through) ; she will explain her situation and she will most probably get her OEC.

  13. jes says:

    I want to direct hire my relatives from Philippines here in Singapore. It is still allowed? Can you please advise us.


    • helpagency says:

      Hi Jes,
      Yes and no!
      It’s allowed to do direct hire in Singapore and to process papers on your own on the Singapore side.
      But not in the Philipines: the Phils have new rules now and any candidate must go through a registered agency in the Philippines. It’s a long journey (about 2 months) and costly (about 2000 to 3000 $S).


  14. Desmond says:

    Hi, I am in a middle of shifting my house and all my belonging is packed and store in a warehouse. I couldn’t locate my helper’s contract. How can I apply for oec?

    • helpagency says:

      Hi Desmond,
      Sorry for my late reply.
      The EMbassy of the Philippines should have a copy of the authenticated contract. Also if you have already purchased an OEC with the valid authenticated contract made less than 2 years ago, then your helper should have a login and password to the POEA online and she can purhase a new OEC online without queuing at the Embassy and without showing her valid authenticated contract.
      However, it would be recommended that she travels to the Philipines with a copy of this authenticated contract.

  15. irritatedLHP says:

    Need some advice.
    My Filipino helper has only worked with me for less than 6 months (she’s a transfer maid & had experience in Singapore) & she just informed me that her passport is expiring in April 2016. My “not-of-much-help” agency said that I can do the passport renewal myself without going through the agency. Is this true?
    The next earliest appointment for the renewal of passport is March 2016 – any issue on this?
    Do I have to then renew the maid insurance etc as well?

    Sincerely appreciate your advice.

    • helpagency says:

      Your agency is wrong: with less than 2 years contract, the embassy of the Philippines requires employers to renew the passport through an agency accredited with the Embassy.(the link to the list can be found here:
      However, many employers have managed to skip the agency rule: they walk in at the Embassy and say they come for renewal of passport. All of them have succeeded in having the process approved as soon as they already have booked an appointment online.
      The delay for passport renewal after from the appointement date at the Embassy is 6 to 8 weeks. So it may be a bit short if your appointemnet is in MArch.
      I would recommend in your case that you walk-in at the Embassy with all stated documents:
      > copy of WP
      > copy of your helper’s passport
      > 2 copies of the signed authenticated Philipino contract (can be downloaded from the embassy website)
      > Copy of the MOM comuplsory medical insurance
      > receipt of PAg Ibig payment (made at Lucky Plaza)
      > Copy of your passport
      > Original of a 7000 SGD security bond that you can purchase at any insurance company that orovides “maid’s packages”; this bond is different from the 5000 SGD bond that you bought for the WP

      INformation about passeport renewal can be found here:

      Hope this helps,

  16. helpagency says:

    I forgot to say that you all payments at the Embassy should be made by cash (costs are on the embassy website: about 200 SGD)

  17. jane says:


    My helper has been hired since Dec 2014 and she has applied for OEC and authentication of contract through an agency march 2015 when she needed to travel home. This March 2016, she will be home for early home leave.

    I was told the employer needs to go through an agency if the helper has not worked for 2 years already. However, I read as well, if she has an existing authenticated contract that valid within 2 years of her employment with me , she can use back the old set of documents and just buy a new OEC.

    Could you clarify ?

    FYI – I managed to secure an appointment for her on the POE website. I just need to know am I obliged to pay an agent to process her 2016March home leave because she has not been hired under my name for 2 years yet.

    Appreciate your help.


    • helpagency says:

      (sorry for late reply)

      The authenticated contract is valid for 2 years.
      The one that you preocessed last year is then still valid for her coming holiday. You can purchase the new OEC onine direclty without going to an agency.

  18. Kay says:

    Sorry, one more query, is it safe to make the pag ibig fund payment at this website that I found?

  19. marilou vergara says:

    good morning how long does it take to wait for a new contract……my contract finish last september last year..but my employer havent renew it…..i need to go back home on March this year…

    • helpagency says:

      (sorry for late reply)
      Dear Marilou,
      you must make a distinction between the W (work permit, stating the permit to work) and the contract (paper agreement between employer and you stating the working conditions).
      In Singapore, there is no obligation to sign a working agreement between employer and foreign domestic worker. MOM advises employers to sign one but there is no obligation.
      Hence, some employers sign a written contract upon the first WP approval. And they never sig any other agreement when the WP is renewed. Except if the terms an dconditions of your work have drasticaly changed (new chores, new place, new rules for days off), there is no need to sign a new contract.

  20. angel says:

    hi. i just want to ask if it is possible to go home to philippines if you have only 2 weeks to your new employer? and i didnt sign any contract yet.but i already got my work permit…if i will apply for homeleave how long does it takes? i just transfer two weeks ago as my employer go home for good and they recommend me to new employer…how could i take a homeleave if i want to go home this month? thanks

    • helpagency says:

      (sorry for late reply)
      According to Singapore la and regulations, it’s up to your new employer to grant you homeleave or not.
      SO I would suggest that you ask your employer.
      However, if I may say, when you start with a new employer, the first 3 months are an adjustment period? So I would strongly recommend that you don’t go for holidays during the adjustment period. And I would recommend the employer not to grant any holiday either.
      Take time, on both sides, so tee how is the match between you and your employer. And then discuss the holiday break.
      Maybe you don’t know that in any company and for any position (worker, employee or management) no holiday is granted for the first months.

  21. Irene says:

    HelpDesk … Thank you for taking my inquiries…
    My passport expired 8th May 2016 my e-passport appointment is 9th May 2016, how could I expedite the renewal of passport i’ve my WP(FDW) done recently, a month ago.

    • helpagency says:

      (sorry for late reply)
      You urgently need to go to the Embassy: they used to do extension of passports to give enough time for new passport to come in. However the EMbassy has recently annoucned that they would not grant any extension anymore.
      And if your passport expires on May 8th , then your WP is canceled automotically the same day (May 8th) and you need to exit Singapore.
      In SIngapore, WP renewal is approved only if the receipt of passport renewal is presented. If your appointemnet for passport renewal is on May 9th , it means that you won’t be able to present the receipt before May 9th. And MOM on’t approve your WP renewal.

  22. Ellen says:

    Hi! just want to ask about my passport is expiring on this September 2016 and planning of home leave this May 2016 but i can get passport appointment only May 12,2016. What should i do. Thank You.

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Ellen,

      For your holiday in May, your passport is still valid so you can exit Singapore and come back. However, you need to have an OEC. Therefore, you have to go through the authentication process to get an authenticated contract stamped by the Embassy of the Philippines; this contract will be valid for 2 years. But since you have to renewm your passport, you need to check with the EMbassy of the Philippines if the contract will be valid after you renew your passport.
      So to summarize your case, you need subsequently to:
      1. Get an authenticated contrat (can be done on May 12th if your holiday is AFTER May 12th)
      2. Purchase OEC with the authenticated contract
      3. Renew your passport
      4. Update your new passport details with MOM (your employer should do it)

  23. florence says:

    Need help:

    My helper wants to visit her family earlier before her contracts ends. Can i just ask her get the OEC only so that she can return later on from Philippines? Coz her existing authenticated contract can cover her from 29 apr 2014 up to 29 apr 2016 .
    she will be going back soon- 9-23 apr 2016.

    Can we then not do the new copy of the authenticated contract, OWWA, insurance and etc etc? We have the oec appt this 9 mar 2016.

    (her singapore work permit and insurance&security bond covers her till 27 Jun 2016- i will renew them when she is back for these in early may 2016. I want to do these later, as I dun wan to waste money in the event that she don’t return)

    please advise if i am on the right track

    • helpagency says:

      (sorry for my very late reply)
      Dear Florence,

      If your helper wants to go back to the Philippines this April, then she is required to present an OEC at the immigration control in the Philipines upon her return to Singapore.
      The OEC can be purchased upon presentation of an authenticated contract duly signed by the Embassy of the PHilipines here in Singapore. No contract = no possiblity to purchase an OEC.
      So if you do have an authenticated contract stamped by the Embassy of the Philippines and still valid (validity is 2 years from the date of the stamp), then you only have to purchase the OEC which can be done online now.
      If you don’t have the authenticated contrat, then you need to go through the whole process of authentication. Note that the authentiation process at the Embassy dosen’t require an appointment: it can be a wlak-in process (9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday)

      • florence says:

        1) yes, she has the authenticated contract with the red stamp, stamped on 29 Apr 2014. – so i think this contract is still valid. (do i still have to do this as a new contract at the embassy when she is back on 23 apr 2016? her ticket is booked 7-23 Apr 2016 )
        2) we are not sure why i am not able to get the OEC online – as it lead us to get an appt date to go down to get the OEC this 9 Mar 2016
        3) for this 9 mar 2016 – do i need to buy 7K insurance bond so that she can come back ?

        sorry for so many questions coz i am quite confused.
        my main point is that i wan to let her go on her home leave earlier this apr .
        In the event she dun return – i jus cancel her MOM work permit and that’s it.
        if she returns as promised on 23 apr 2016 – then i will proceed with all necessary documents for both Phlippines(do a new contractat the embassy?) and Singapore side (insurance and renew WP (expires 20 May 2016))

        Now I just need the documents to get her out and return for her 7-23 Apr 2016 trip home.
        So the question is – what documents do i really need to get and prepare…..

        appreciate your fast reply as we are going for OEC appt tomolo and I have not get the 7K insurance bond if it is necessary…………..

      • helpagency says:

        Dear Florence,
        You authenticated stamped contrct is valid until April 28th 2016. So your helper can use it to go for her home leave this april, providing that she comes back before April 28.
        It means that you don’t have anything to do besides purchasing her OEC.
        You don’t need to buy another 7000 S$ security bond.

        The reason why you can’t get the OEC online isn’t clear. It’s probably because your helper isn’t registered yet in the system as it was not compulsory to register online back in 2014.
        I would recommend that you make an appointment (even if it’s at a date later than april). Then you go to the EMbassy with the present stamped authenticated contract. And you should be able to get the OEC on the spot.

  24. Mia Lim says:

    Need some advice please.
    I have a filipino maid. She has been working on me for more than a year (haven’t reached 2years contract). Her passport will be expired on august 22. 2016. We checked the Philippine Embassy and we found out that only through agency could do the processing. My maid went there but to my surprise the agency gave her some papers which is contract/undertaking forms that i will need to be sign. I asked them why i need to sign again. My maid is not made by a transfer or either for a homeleave. Just a passport renewal. My maid had already a contract validated from Philippine Embassy Singapore with the stamp. She came here with the legal process which got owwa in Philippines. Her contract will be end on Nov. 27, 2016. The agency told me that my maid can do it (no need through agency) as long as she had a contract (authenticated) and 6 months validity. I am just confused to those all papers. If I will go to other agency is it they will give me same papers and asking to pay S$380 though my maid had already a contract and still on valid.. Her agency told us that my maid can do it. So we made an appoinment and it’s on April 04. 2016. Is she okay with that? Or is the Embassy will allow her? Thank you so much. Have a nice day.

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Mial Lim,

      If your helper does have an authenticated contract from the Embassy of the Philipines in Singapore which is still valid, then you can apply for her passport renewal directly withtout going through an agency.
      However, you first need to book an appointment online (long delay: several months).
      Then when you go to the appointment, bring the authenticated contract. Along with cash to pay for the new passport.
      Hope this helps,

  25. Maggie says:

    This page is very helpful and thank you for your detailed explanation that have helped both the FDW and their employers!
    Can you help advise for below situation:
    – My helper has been working for me for more than 2 years
    – Her passport is going to expired in early Aug 2016
    – Her contract with me is expiring in early July 2016
    – She wants to go back for home leave in Jul 2016 and return to Singapore to continue working for me

    – Must she apply for her home leave under the new contract if she will only return on the date when her old contract will be expired?
    – Do I need to purchae air-ticket for her before applying home leave to the embassy?
    – In what sequence should I renew her passport, contact and apply for the home leave? I made an appointment for her on line with Philiipines Embassy for passport renewal on 22 April 2016.

    Thanks again and looking forward to your advice!

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Maggie,

      Thanks for your nice comment!
      The prioriy in your case is to renew your helper’s passport. There is a very long delay. But it should be OK if you start very soon. You can do it yourself since she has been working for more than 2 years. You will first get an appointment with the Embassy (may take up to 6 months). During the appointment, you’ll get a receipt for the passport application. This receipt will allow you to renew your helper’s WP (work permit) which is your 2nd priority. You need a passport valid for at least 6 month upon renewal or application for a WP.

      Then you need to renew her WP (work permit) before she leaves in July. If not, her WP will have expired upon her return and she won’t be allowed to enter Singapore. MOM will send you a renewal notice about 6 weeks before the expiry date. You can renew only in the last 30 days before expiry date. It may be in your case that the new WP card is sent to you while your helper is out of SIngapore. Since no procedure is written black on white for this case, I would recommande that you ask directly MOM (they are very helpful, they will definitely find a solution).
      Now about the Philipino home leave, you need to apply under her present contract. The authenticated contract will be delivered for 2 years starting when you apply ; so it will cover her July homeleave.

      To make it very clear, before you consider either the renewal of her passport or the purcahse of her OEC (exit pass also called homeleave), you need to process an “authenticated contract”; this process can be done at the Embassy without any appointment (walk-in) just bringing the required documents. I would suggest that you go to the Embassy to get this authenticated contact. This will allow you then 1/ to process her homeleave with this authenticated contract and 2/ to apply for the renewal of her passport.

      So in a nutshell, the process for you is:
      1. you make urgently an appointment at the Embassy for renewal of passport
      2. You make another appointment for “OEC” (same as for passport, very long delay)
      3. you walk-in at the Embassy to get her Philipino authenticated contract
      4. you go to the appointment for OEC with the authenticated contract and the air -ticket
      5. you go to the appointemnet for passport renewal and you get a receipt
      6. you renew her WP with hopefully the new passport and if not, wit the receipt of passport application

      I hope this helps you go through this troublesoe red tape!

  26. Erica says:

    Hi, Do you know the reasons why do we need to buy the 7000 S$ security bond btw the Embassy of the Philippines and employer(myself)? I understand it is different from the MOM$5K bond but not sure why we have to buy it. Can we take it on our own risk not to buy the bond? Under what circumstances will the insurance bond take effect? Maid not returning from home leave or?

    The bond stated valid for 26months, I have bought the bond 2 years ago in March 2014 and it will be vaild for 26 months till May 2016, can my maid use for her coming home leave on March 2016?

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Erica,
      If you don’t buy the 7000 S$ security bond, then your helper can’t be registered with her embassy. It means that she isn’t allowed to process anything there whether it’s the renewal of her passport or the purchase of an OEC (pass to allow her to exit the Philippines to return to Singapore after some family holidays there)

      Now you raise a very interesting question as to what is the purpose of this 7000 S$ security bond.
      The answer is in the undertaking form (see below). Which means that shall an employer not respect the clauses of the undertaking, then the governement of the Philippines would be entitled to sue the employer? I have never heard of that for the last 10 years I’ve been here. And under which juridiction would it be? I’m pretty sure that any Singaporean tribunal would deny to state on a matter that isn’t linked to Singapore laws and would certainly not look into a matter which MOM describes as being “out of (our) perview”.

      So definitely this 7000S£ bond is useless for us employers. But there is no way for us to avoid it.

      Regarding the validity, look at the date on the authenticated contract. The authenticated contact is valid for 2 years (24 months). So your helper can’t purchase a new OEC if her authenticated contract expires before MArch 2016. The process is now automated and can be done online. there used to be some possibility of purchase in the Philppines with an authenticated contract just expired (25 or 26th month) but I’m not sure that it’s still possible. You should ask the EMbassy directly.

      • Germaine says:

        Hi, find the purpose of this bond $7000 bond doubtful, caused it will only take effect when maid is in own country, if I am not wrong it also serve as a insurance covering maid in their hometown, just for the 14 days and we need to pay $70+ for it…..

      • helpagency says:

        Hi Germaine,
        Actually no. The purpose of the bond is to control the employer’s behavior in Singapore. See what it says*:
        1. Upon the arrival of the HSW (househod service worker), I will make her contact the Philippin Embassy by phone to confirm her arrival;
        2. The HSW shall have custody of her passport/ travel documents at all times;
        3. The HSW shall be treated humanely by me and by the other persons staying at my house;
        4. I shall provide the HSW with a separate sleeping rom;
        5. the HSW shall be given a rest period of at least eight continuous hours daily;
        6. the HSW shall be made to work only in my residence as indicated in my information sheet;
        7. Upon request the Philippine Embassy shall be allowed to communicate with the HSW by phone;
        8. The HSW shal be allowed to freely communicate with her family in the Philippines or with the Philippine Embassy;
        9. I shall present the person of the HSW to the Philippine Embassy when so required;
        10. I shall not make the HSW extend her contract or transfer to another employer without the verification and approval of the Philippine Embassy;
        11. I shall appear in person before the Philippin EMbassy, when so required;
        12. I shall notify the POLO concerned of any significant developments about the conditions and employment of the HSW including her repatriation;
        13. I shall explain to the members of my household the foregoing undertaking and ensure that the undertakings are observed by them; and
        14. I shall assist the HSW in aviling of benefits provided under the laws of my country, ______

        * You note that all clauses related to the well being of the FDW are already included in the MOM’s undertaking of the 5000 S$ security bond. SO this Philipino bond is a kind of bis repetita.

  27. Vanessa says:

    My passport will be expired on Aug.22 I have been working to latest employer 1year and 2months. I went to agency but the agency told me that I can go to the embassy and do the renewal. They said that I just need to compile all the requirements need by the embassy. So I did an appoinment and it is on April.04 Since have already an authenticated contract and still valid until Nov.27 they said no need to go through agency. I did also OWWA. Just want to know if this performance bond 7000$ thing is still need to buy for my passport renewal? If I will go and do the renewal is there an issue with that? Thank you much. More power.

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Vanessa,
      If you have a valid authenticated contract until Nov 27, just bring it with you for your appointment on April 4th. You don’t need any performance bond for passport renewal. Performance bond is only for authentication of contract.
      For passport renewal, you’ll need:
      1/ authenticated contract
      2/ present passport
      3/ present WP
      4/ cash to pay for passport renewal (about 100 S$, check on the Embassy website)

  28. tan mui kim says:

    Hi may I know if I can self apply a Phillipine maid to Singapore or do I need go through an agency?

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Tan Mui Kim,
      On the Singapore side, you can process directly yourself the application.
      However, the problem is on the Philipino side: it’s compulsory for any Philipino national who wants to work overseas to go through an agency in the Philippines. You don’t have the choice.
      The immigration officers in the various international airports are well trained to decipher who is trying to exit as a tourist but is actually a migrant worker. Boarding the plane will be denied.

      Once you deal with an agency in the Philippines, they don’t give you much choice about the Singapore side process: they have partners here to whom they will refer you.

      The whole process of having hiring a helper in the Philppines takes 2 to 3 months and costs a hefty sum of more than 2000 SGD.


  29. Germaine says:


    My maid have been working for the past 6 years and has gone home for 2 times already , all documentations was done through an agent which cost me a bomb. So now, on the 6th years she is going for home leave again. And if she is going to do it by herself. what are the things she should do? She is likely to be going home in Oct, her work permit was recently renew. What are the things that she should be paying? And what are the stuff we as employers should paid?


    • helpagency says:

      Dear Germaine,
      It all depends on when was her last trip back to the Philippines.
      If it was less than 2 years before the time of her return flight to Singapore, then the documents processed at that time are still valid. You only need to purchase a new OEC online at this website:
      If it was more than 2 years ago, then you must do the whole expensive process all over again…

      Your helper can do it by herself. But do note that she is required to make an appointment online and the next available slot is July.

      About the costs, it is very unclear. According to POEA website (POEA is the philipino body protecting Philipino migrant workers), employers should cover all costs.
      However, when the helper leaves the Philippines for the first time, she is required to pay POEA herself.
      So my recommandation is to follow this breakdown:
      > To be paid by the employer: Authenticated contract (42,50 SGD), verification of the contract (17 SGD), bond (about 70 SGD)
      > to be paid by the helper: POEA (42 SGD) , Pag-Ibig (minimum of 5,50 SGD), OEC (3 SGD). The helper should understand that these payments are made for her self protection by her own government. She should even pay more for Pag Ibig as it will allow her in the future to purchase land and house at very competitive prices, highly subsidised by the government of the philippines.

  30. Joyce says:

    Hi, we have applied for my maid’s home leave & done all documentation (Contract, OEC, Owwa etc) in Oct 2014 & at that time we applied for multiple travel exit clearance (she was given 2 pieces of this green clearance form & used 1 in Dec 2014 when she went back for holiday). Now she is going back for home leave this May 2016 & returning in June. The multiple travel exit clearance form was issued in 8 Oct 2014 & validity is up to 7 Oct 2016, however her passport & wp was renewed last month & the passport indicated in this green form is now different from her new passport. May I know whether we can still use this multiple travel exit clearance or do we need to redo again. If we can still use the multiple travel exit clearance, do we need to purchase bond or OEC or etc? Thank you

  31. JC says:

    Hi, I have 2 enquires:

    1) I have renewed my maid’s WP and she will continue to work for me for 2 years till Oct 2017. Her passport is expiring on 30 June 2016. She has decided not to go back for home leave. May I know if I should renew her passport before expiry or can I let her passport expire and wait till 2017 to apply a new passport for her? Must she have a valid passport while working with me even though she is not travelling? Do I need to update MOM with new passport details after renewing her passport?

    2) Should my maid decide to take her home leave in Dec 2016, do I renew her passport and apply for OEC at the same time (I already hv an appointment at the embassy on 12/4/16) or should I wait till Nov/Dec to apply for OEC? Does OEC have a validity period?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Thank you for advice and time.

    • helpagency says:

      You must renew her passport before its expiry date even if she doesn’t go back for home leave. A valid passport is required to be allowed to stay in Singapore even if she has a valid WP.
      So in your case, it’s quite urgent to renew her passport.
      You don’t have to process OEC and renewal of passport at the same time.
      Renew passport first.
      This renewal will give you (and her) an authenticated Philipino contract which can then be used later to purchase an OEC. This authenticated Philipino contrct is valid for 2 years from date of processing.

  32. Rowena says:

    Hi!I am Rowena, my contract will be end this coming June, and my employer want me to renew my contract, but my agency no more already,, my employer don’t know how to renew my contract…can you advice me what suppose to do?thank u so much.

    • helpagency says:

      Hi ROwena,

      Your employer will receive a letter from MOM about 6 to 8 weeks before the expiry date of your WP.
      All steps are explained in this notification letter on how to renew a WP.
      The fisrt step for your employer is to purchase a new medical insurance + performance bond at any insurance company offering such “maid packages” (NTUC or Anda for instance) but only once he has this notification letter.

  33. Jac says:

    Hi there, I bought a security bond 5000 for my helper and when she to renew her passport, the embassy said they need to sight the 7000 bond. My question is if there is a difference between performance bond versus security bond? Was there a change in the bond amount?

    If embassy does not accept the 5000bond, does that mean I need to purchase a new bond for her?

    • helpagency says:

      Hi Victor,

      Before I get to your questions, in your case, her WP will be renewed by MOM in november 2016 for 2 years, so up to Nov 2018 which is after the expiry date of her present passport. So it means that you’ll have no trouble renewing her WP.
      Now, considering the very long delay at the Embassy of the Philippines to renew a passport, it’s strongly advisable to start now, (1 year in advance) the renewal: make an appointment online first on the Embassy website. You will most porbably get an appointment for sometimes between september to october. When you go to this appointment, the Embassy will give you a receipt of ongoing renewal of passport. Mom may ask you a copy of this receipt upon renewal of the WP.

      Here are the answers to your questions:
      1. The fact that your helper ha been with you for ore or less than 2 years has no impact on the documentation that must be processed: the employer has still to sign the Philipino contract and has to purchase the 7000 SGD performance bond. OWWA, Pag Ibig should be paid by the helper. Authentification and verification steps must be born by the employer (actually, in terms of who pays what, nothing is written, it’s here just a recommandation based on what is imposed to whom by the Philipino authorities). The direct processing is for cases where the helper has been for ore than 2 years with her employer. In your case, since your helper has been with you for less than 2 years, it must be processed by an agency accredited by the Embassy. However, there are many cases where the employer in a situation similar as yours went himself to the Embassy and got the documents processed.
      2. The 7000 SGD performance bond must be purchased; the cost vary depending of whether it’s a direct processing (70 SGD) or a processing through an agency (40 SGD).
      3. The medical insurance that you’re mentionning is for MOM and WP validity, not for renewal of Philipino passport. Upon renewal of passport, you just have to provide a copy of this existing medical insurance ; the validity of this medical insurance is’nt taken into account for passport renewal.
      4. On the appointment date at the Embassy, OWWA, verification and authentification are processed at different counters.

      Do note that if you want to save some time, the processing of the Philipino contract (verification of signed contract + authentication of signed contract + OWWA) can be done any day without appointment providing that you bring performance bond and proof of PAg Ibig purchase and all other required documents. Your helper can try to go directly there on her own for this processing of contract; some officers will let her in, some may not since she has been for less than 2 years with you. But most of the times, it works.
      There is often a confusion here: only purchasing the 1st OEC and renewal of passport require appointment online. Not the processing of the Philipino contract which is the prerequisite for OEC and passport renewal.

      From a practical perspective, you personnaly as an employer don’t need to be physically with her but it’s true that it does speed up the process.
      Hope this helps,


  34. Victor says:

    My FDW passport is expiring on 9 May 2017.
    Her work permit expiring on 5 Nov 2016. She has been working for us for less than 2 year. But she was a transfered maid.(been working in Singapore for more than 5 years). I guess I need to renew her passport before I can extend her work permit.
    Her appointment date for renewal of passport is on 16 Aug 2016.

    My questions:-
    1. Can my FDW renew her passport by herself (although the embassy website says she has to be with the current employer for more than 2 years)
    2. If yes, when should I get the $7,000 performance bond?
    3. Her medical insurance expiring on 5 Jan 2017. Must I get this renewed before renewing her passport?
    4. Should the autentication of contract and OWWA be done before the appointment date. (or can it be done on the same day?)

    Thank you in advance.

  35. Jasmine says:

    Hi Helpagency,

    I am caught in a situation and I would like some advise.
    My maid of 6 years is going for 2 weeks of home leave on 30/05/2016 and her contract expires in Aug 2016 and we intend to renew her contract when it expires. Can she go back and return using her current contract or must I do a new contract and how long does it takes as she is leaving this month end. Appreciate your speedy advise. Thanks.

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Jasmine,
      Her work permit can’t be renewed more than 30 days before its expiry date.
      So on the Singapore side, there is no obstacle to going back for home leave 3 months before hte expiry of her WP (at the end of may in your case).
      If she is from the Philippines, the situation is different as she needs what is called an OEC (exit pass) to be allowed to exit the Philippines when she will be flying back to Singapore after her holidays. You can find lots of information about getting an OEC in this blog in the answers to previous questions;

  36. hj says:

    Hi helpagency,
    My helper has been with me for less than 1 year. She need to renew her passport. I see through the post and Philippine embassy website. The only part confuse me is can she does it herself by appointment with the embassy directly?

    I understand the documents required are authenticated contract, WP, Passport, and passport application form. But the “less than 2 year” criterion totally confuses me. Authenticated contract she can get from embassy without appointment. For Passport renew, can she also go embassy (with appointment) or must thru a credit agency?

    • helpagency says:

      Dear HJ,
      If your helper has been with you for less than 2 years, then you should process the renewal of her passport through the services of an agency approved by the Embassy of the Philipines.That’s a requirement from the Embassy itself.
      In that case, you don’t need to worry about documents to prepare: the agency will do it for you.
      Hope this helps,

  37. KK says:

    my maid contract will pass at the mid of july, and she want to home leave on Dec. So I can renew her contract September?

    • helpagency says:

      Dear KK,
      Be careful that if your helper ‘s WP expires in mid July , you must renew it now.

      Once you get her new WP, then you can go to the Embassy and apply for “an authenticated Philipino standard contract”.
      I advise that you read my reply to Audrey (just below or above this reply): I give all explainations on how to proceed.

      In your case, it’s better tht you renew her WP and process authenticated contract second.

      Hope this helps,

  38. audrey says:

    Hi helpagency,

    My helper is with me for almost 4 years and she will complete her 2 years contract in the coming Nov.
    I notice from your website that I need these to prepare for her home leave. Can I check and confirm below:
    1) the performance bond; (can get direct from insurance company $70? and agency is only $40? When do i need this?)
    2) the verification of the contract (what is this? where can I get?)
    3) the authentication of the contract (expires apr 2017)
    4) the OWWA membership (where can i get this?)
    5) the Pag-Ibig conribution (my helper has been making this contribution every month and what if she doesn’t have the receipt? where does she need to present this?)
    6) her OEC (purchase online?)

    I must have all these 6 items before my helper go back for her homeleave in Dec 16? Where else did I left out?

    My helper’s WP will expire on 3 Nov 16, will this have any complication on her authentication contract? How do go about continuing her for another 2 years contract on my own?

    I used to go through all this with an agency, but its costly and I want to try to do everything myself. Can you assist? Thank you so much!

    • helpagency says:

      Dear Audrey,
      If your helper goes on leave in december 2016, you have to get an “authenticated standard philipino contract” which is a specific contract from the Embassy of the Philippines. This authenticated contract is valid for 2 years from the date you get it from the Embassy.
      This authenticated contract can be processed anytime from now. And it will be valid for 2 years, from the date you get it until after you renew her WP in November.
      This Philipino standard authenticated contract must be seen as a process / document totally appart from the WP. There is no relationshipo between the 2, except that once your helper has a valid WP, she can apply for an authenticated contract at her embassy.
      In order to get an “authenticated Philipino standard contract”, you must:
      1. Purchase a 7000 SGD performance bond from any insurance company offering “maid’s package”; I recommend NTUC Income
      2. get a receipt of payment of her Pag Ibig (maybe she can request for one next time she pays her monthly Pag Ibig at Lucky Plaza)
      3. Download the Philipino Standard contract from the EMbassy website and fill it withour deleting or adding any word to it
      4. Make a copy of her passport and WP
      5. Make a copy of your passport
      6. Make a copy of the 15000 GD medical insurance that your purchased when you applied for her WP 18 months ago (the agency must have given you a copy)

      With all these documents ready, then your helper can go to the Embassy with about 150 SGD in cash.
      And it’s at the Embassy that she will pay for the OWWA. She will get back the authenticated contract about 3 to 4 days later.

      She doesn’t need an apppointment for the processing of the authenticated contract.

      After she gets the authenticated contract, then she can make an appointment at the Embassy (see on their website, homepage) to purchase her OEC. She will need to provide the airline ticket of her return to the Philipines in december.

      I recommend that you process the authenticated contract now and that you purchase her OEC later once you have her return ticket; allow enough time to make an appointment at the Embassy. It’s pretty short delay at the moment (a couple of weeks only) but it used to be up to 9 months delay!

      Hope this helps,

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